About Us

About Us

From the local Lenape Indians, Ashokan means “a good place to fish”. This is where Stephen Tacinelli grew up fishing with his Uncle. For years, he saw the peace, tranquility and elegance of the nature around him. Coming from a long line of flooring contractors he knew a lot about the business and, in the spring of 2017, he was hooked on bringing old hardwood floors back to life.

In the summers before he graduated, Hunter Finley worked with Stephen learning the trade and finding a real love and passion for it. The two were lifelong friends and dreamed of running a company together; their dreams came true in the summer of 2019 - Ashokan Hardwood Flooring was established and put to work!

They now bring that Ashokan peace and tranquility to people's homes on a daily basis. With over 40 combined years’ experience, Ashokan Hardwood Flooring can take care of anything you're looking for, whether it may be a dark stained pine or a very light white oak. With your ideas they breathe life into your floors and home.  

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